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Crop Needles

#00080 $34.24 Crop Needle 8 Guage
#00378 $34.24 Crop Needle 10 Guage
#00174 $20.59 Crop Needle 12 Guage
#00175 $20.59 Crop Needle 14 Guage
#00176 $20.59 Crop Needle 16 Guage
#0071 $20.59 Crop Needle 18 Guage

Ingredients: Stainless steel needle with ball tip and Luer Lock fitting for administration of medicine and foods to the crop of small birds.

Available Sizes:
12 gauge
14 gauge
16 gauge
18 gauge

1. Hold the bird as shown with the tip of your thumb under the bottom bill. The bird should be comfortably restrained � do not use excess force. For large birds a towel around the birds body will aid restraint

2. Allow the bird to bite the needle ball, then gently roll the ball over the tongue into the back of the mouth. Align the needle with your thumb.

3. Using a too-and-fro twirling motion gently pass the needle into the crop. The ball of the needle will be felt along your thumb as it moves into the crop

4. Administer solution from attached syringe. Remove Crop needle gently.

NB: Know the recommended volume to give by crop needle before use

Notes: For quick and accurate administration of medication. Straight silver-tipped stainless steel body approximately 6.5cm.