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The Bird Cottage and Frisky Finches will be closed for the Christmas Holiday Season from Christmas Day Monday December 25th through New Year’s Day Monday January 1st 2018. Orders received during this time will not be shipped until Tuesday January 2nd 2018. Orders placed for medications ONLY will get priority shipping and will ship first upon re-opening Tuesday January 2nd 2018. We wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! Thank you!

Nekton E - Breeding Supplement

#202035 $9.99 Nekton E 35g
#202075 $18.99 Nekton E 70g

Contains Vitamin E as an aid to fertility and better hatching results. It is the best aid to preparing your pet for pressures of breeding season. Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining fertility. It promotes a bird's entire metabolism - protein, carbohydrate, fatty, mineral and water metabolic processes. By ensuring a rich supply of Vitamin E for your birds before the laying period, you can look forward to larger clutches, fewer infertile eggs, better hatchability, and a reduced number of deaths among embryos and young birds.

Keep Out of The Reach of Children
For Avian/Animal Treatment Only