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Ronivet-S 6% - Original Formula

Ronsivet 6% for Treatment of Protozoa Canker, Guardia and Cochlosomosis

#70450 $12.49 Ronivet-s 25g
#70102 $20.49 Ronivet-s 100g
#70310 $75.71 Ronivet-s 500g


Guaranteed Analysis 
Ronidazole 6% 

Dose rate: Mix 4 grams per 4 Litres of drinking water for 7 days.

Ronivet-S is an antiprotozoal from the nitroimidasole group. It is effective against motile protozoa such as Trichomonas, Hexamita, Giardia, and Cochlosoma. May be used at all stages of the breeding cycle. Will not cause infertility or inco-ordination.

Storage & Availability
Store below 30�C (room temperature).

These protozoan infections are very serious and a common cause of hatchling, young and adult bird deaths. These single cell parasites are present in most birds kept in captivity and become active and very destructive during the breeding season. These infections can only be controlled and not eradicated with the use of drugs. The main sign's are watery/runny droppings in your adult birds which is a yellowish green color and at times contain undigested seed, dirty feathers around the vent (bottoms), molting problems and apathy. It's best to treat your birds prior to the breeding season and usually again during and throughout the breeding. This product may be used as often as needed and will not harm hatchlings or young birds.

Prescription Avian/Animal Remedy
Keep Out of The Reach of Children
For Avian/Animal Treatment Only