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The Bird Cottage, Frisky Finch and Frisky Finches will be temporarily closed for shipping orders Wednesday October 25th 2017 through Sunday October 29th 2017. Orders received after 12PM Pacific Time Tuesday October 24th will not be shipped until the week of Monday October 30th 2017. Orders placed for medications “ONLY” will get priority shipping ahead of the mixed orders and will ship first upon re-opening on October 30th. All mixed orders "non-medicine” will be shipped in the order received beginning the week of Monday October 30th 2017.
Thank you for your business and patience!

Just harvested for the 2017 Season!

Golden FRESH California Grown Spray Millet

Large - Plump - Nutritious - Sweet Smelling - Beautiful - California Grown Spray Millet

Spray Millet is like Chocolate to all finches and smaller birds.  They will favor spray millet to any other seed or treat!

Spray millet is not only a favorite food to finches and small birds but it's highly nutritional and recommended to help enhance productive breeding!

Your birds will absolutely... Loveit! 

#103 $19.99 PREMIUM Spray Millet 5lb

NOTE: The 5lb size box is the best quality “premium” spray millet available anywhere! These are handpicked and packed by the grower. To order larger quantities of the 5lb premium spray millet size please update the shopping cart to 2, 3, 4, 5 boxes to order 10lb, 15lb, 20lb or 25lb sizes. Thank you!

#103X $69.99 "SUPER SALE PRICE" PREMIUM Spray Millet 25lb

A note from the grower: Golden Farm Products grows and  sells Premium Spray Millet. We provide a healthy, nutritious, pleasantly sweet-smelling product to support your bird’s good health. California Spray Millet brand bird seed & California Golden Spray Millet brand bird seed are grown on fertile, mineral-rich soil, which produces a nourishing bird food.  Our spray millet is handpicked and sun-dried to ensure my customer's birds receive a Premium Spray Millet to feast on. We then carefully pack and store our millet in a controlled environment which enables Golden Farm Products to keep the spray millet harvest fresh. Birds are very sensitive to what they eat. We strive to consistently grow superior spray millet that your birds will love and thrive on.